I am Documentary Photographer, Masters Student and Visual Activist interested in using photography to challenge the victim centred nature of sex worker imagery and how photography is instrumental in the war against sex workers.   Through Whoretography,   I am challenging the prevailing ideology of sex-work andto present to the viewer an alternative perception of the industry and participants -  frequently obscured by one particular, narrow version of feminism,  by anti-sex-work rhetoric and by modern Western cultural attitudes towards bodies and sex.   

My photographic and cyber ethnographic work is about stopping the over-simplification of the lives of sex workers, and to challenge current imagery that encourages the sense that the only way of interpreting their lives is to see them as ripe for 'rescue.'  Through Whoretography, I am working on a new interpretation of sex work imagery that will help to change the visual landscape that informs the political views that rob so many sex workers of autonomy.  

1994 -1997

  • Bachelor of Science (Biological) with majors in Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology.  La Trobe University, Melbourne. Australia.

1998 -1999

  • Post Graduate Diploma (Criminology) specialising in women, gender and crime.  Melbourne University, Melbourne. Australia

1999 - 2005

  • Employed within the Department of Justice, Community Correctional Service. Victoria, Australia.


  • Immigrated from Melbourne to London

2006 - current

  • Commercial Photographer

2015 -  2017 (expected completion date January 2017)

  • Masters Degree -  Photography & Digital Media

2015 - 2017

  • Research Assistant, School of Sociology & Social Policy -  University of Leeds, Beyond the Gaze: Internet Based Sex Work - 3 year Participatory Study.


Photography Achievements -  Tobe updated soon.

2008 - Short Listed for Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition