I understand that this policy will not be welcomed by everyone. I adore respectful conversation and I welcome your comments, thoughts and opinions.    All I request is that can we please be nice peoples.  I don't allow catty and judgmental comments nor anything defamatory and scandalous. This Master's Degree is on photography not melodrama. I do not tolerate whorephobic attitudes or opinions. Sex Work is work.

While I fully support every reader in having strong opinions, anything less than complete civility is unacceptable on Whoretography.

So the comments are moderated. 

Don't agree?  Well its simple then, don't comment.  I welcome different opinions but please be respectful.

I reserve the right to delete or edit comments that I deem to be:

  • rude
  • whorephobic
  • judgmental
  • ranty
  • attacking
  • self promotional
  • breach of confidentiality
  • gossip mongering
  • defamatory
  • Any slut shaming or body shaming will not be tolerated. This is about photography not your ego and moral cause
  • Any threats of violence will be reported to the police
  • A deliberate revealing of other people's personal information without their consent.

This doesn't mean, of course, that you can't disagree with people. You can, you just need to do so constructively and with respect. You also need to do it with integrity, which means that if you want to be constructive, you better not hide behind an anonymous comment. 

I understand that this comment policy won't be a good fit for everyone's communication style — and I sleep very well at night knowing that.