Photography Commissions

In addition to be a doctoral researcher in photographer, I do accept a limited number of photography commissions per year, my work can only be described as different so if you are after a photographer who produces truly original work then please do get in touch. My prices reflect my experience as a published and award winning photographer and the university qualifications that I hold in photography. I offer a completely bespoke service that requires me to creative a personalised individual creative photographic brief for each client depending on your wants and needs, I do not shoot to a script.

Food photography: I accept a number of food photography commissions per year. Priced at £1000 per day, if you are requiring food photography for a publication such as a cook book, then please get in touch for a personalised quote.

Wedding photography: I can accepted a limited number of wedding photography commissions per year, and my wedding photography is priced at £3000-4000 per day, please e-mail for details. My prices reflect the fact that I create bespoke, off-beat, avant-garde wedding photography for couples wanting something truly different from typical wedding photography. I am highly skilled at photographing multi day international weddings.

Photography Consultation: If you’d like a photography consultation for your wedding, business or just for yourself then please do ask, a photography consultation is priced at £250 and is deductible from the price of your booking.

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