Media & Academic Citations

Here you will find links to articles written about myself, my MA and doctoral research and the visual activist movement of Whoretography.

Featured in Huck Magazine, interviewed for the article the Red Light Revolution.

8th April 2019


Brain Magazine - published in Paris

Whoretography, un magazine fait par et pour les travailleurs/euses du sexe

Jeudi 21 décembre 2017


Vice Magazine

The journal and website's creator, Camille Melissa, talks to i-D about celebrating sex workers' self-image.  Read a version in Spanish here

Dec 19 2017, 3:08pm


Dazed & Confused

The woman making sex work photography true to life.


The Best Sex Work Writing of 2017

Named as one of the bext sex work writers of 2017!

We rounded up the year's best writing, reporting, and research on erotic industries, those who work in them, and how they're getting screwed by U.S. authorities and laws.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Dec. 31, 2017 7:30 am

Discussed in the Book:

Social Censure and Critical Criminology: After Sumner

edited by Anthony Amatrudo


Discussed in the book:

Erotic Performance and Spectatorship: New Frontiers in Erotic Dance

By Katy Pilcher


Academic Author

Cunningham, S., Sanders, T., Scoular, J., Campbell, R., Pitcher, J., Hill, K., Valentine-Chase, M., Melissa, C., Aydin, Y. and Hamer, R., 2017. Behind the screen: Commercial sex, digital spaces and working online.

Academic Citations

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