visual culture

Hyphen Ambika P3 Exhibition

I wanted to thank everyone who came to my talks, especially the people who travelled from across the UK, sex workers, photography students and the number of journalists who have expressed an interest in my research. I am also happy to thank the sex buyer who said he was embarrassed to be seen speaking with me in public because people know my sex work status and the only people who seem to have an issue with it in such a public space was sex work clients one even commenting he did not really like or recognise the public version of me, he of course, completely oblivious to the version he sees being the construct of fantasy. Regrettably, I do not have time to write a blog post on the capabilities of sex workers to occupy the dual spaces of academia and sellers of sex even though there is a long documented history of artists supporting their creative endeavours through sex work.

I've put the slides of my talks in the shop, as well as a brief 20 minute audio of me talking about the aims/objectives of my research. This was the first time I have presented or exhibited Whoretography in a public forum outside of the sex work community, and I look forward to having another opportunity to do so.

Once again, thanks to everyone who came along, engaged with and support me. I do have a number of conferences coming up this Spring/Summer and new publications on the way.

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