Firstly.  Thank you to everyone who has already come forward and/or already agreed to be photographed or submitted images to Whoretography It means a lot that you want to be a part of this epic photographic journey with me.  This Masters is not about promoting established discourses and a rescue industry that should not exist.  its about an alternative representation of sex workers and sex work intimacy.

Why have I been invited to take part?

You have been invited to participate because of your experience of working as a sex worker and, in some cases a man who uses the services provided by a sex worker.

Do I have to take part?

Participation is voluntary. You should read this website and if you have any questions you should ask me before agreeing to participate. You should not agree to take part in this Master Project until you have had all your questions answered.

What are the possible risks of taking part?

I will protect your privacy, you (when submitting images) are under no obligation to show nudity or your face in any of the images. This is your choice. I will never ask you to provide face photographs and if you choose to do so, only do so if you show your face as part of your current sex worker business practices.  I will never disclose the details of those who have shared images with me as part of the Master Program.

I will always ask before I publish the images, and let you know in what context. You have the right to withdraw participation at any time. 

If you are a client, then rest assured your face and any identifying features will not be published anywhere online.  Please reach out if you have any questions.

Will my taking part be kept confidential?

What is submitted will be held securely until the research is finished. Your participation is entirely voluntary.   I will not reveal the names of any participants to anyone.  The UK Data Protection Act 1998 will apply to all information gatheredand held on password locked computer files.

Sex Worker Selfies:

In order to maintain the integrity of the project, its imperative that I do not influence the type of images you send me so I really do mean its entirely your choice. The photographs just have to include some aspect of self. The can be taken at arms lengths, reflected in mirrors or taken on a timer. The method of how the photograph is taken is not important, it just has to be self portraiture.  They can be ones you use in your sex work marketing or just from your everyday life. Ones you created just for Whoretography or ones chosen from your existing selfie catalog.  You do not have to show your face or nudity if you choose not to but you can if you wish. 

Examples of Intimacy:

I would like to collect examples of real life intimacy between sex workers and clients to help dispel the hyper-sexualised myth of sex workers and to demonstrate the presence of intimacy in commercial heterosexual scripts between clients and sex workers.   

Conversations about sex work photography center on the discussion of singular images or a complete body of work.  Very little thought is given to what happens between the images and the entirety work.  Photo-work is more than a single image or a series of linear images.  It is a complete body of work that encompasses photographs and texts and conveys a deeper understanding of the subject matter being presented to the viewer. The evidence of intimacy collected from sex workers will be used in the a book along side a documented client/sex worker booking.

I want there to be a hidden narrative in the arrangement of pictures. I am now collecting e-mails, letters, texts ect from sex workers.  Its best practice to send these to me without the personal information of your clients included.  They will not be published online. 

Clients + Sex Workers- Together during a booking:

Possibly the most controversial aspect of Whoretography. I would like to document a booking between client and sex worker.  More information to come.

Sex Worker Portraits

Information coming soon!