My account on Linkedin was rejected after I updated my qualifications.  In listing my Master's Degree, I wrote a paragraph about my research question, which was 'Is it possible to reclaim the word whore through creative practice as research?' and then discussed my desire to pursue a Ph.D.

My account was immediately suspended.  Apparently, the puritanical peeps at Linkedin take offense to an artist in their corporate mix.


I was rejected for a Ph.D. application at a leading university in Melbourne (one at which I have studied before)  I pitched for a photography Ph.D. exploring issues related to sexuality, surveillance, and identity that are part of contemporary photography and sex work.  Whilst they acknowledged that my research sounded fascinating and unique I was rejected on the basis the doctoral level research in photography should be conceptual and formal not social and political and if I was serious about pursuing a Ph.D. I would need to change my research.




Airbnb suspended my account after I booked accommodation to attend a photography conference and I was discussing my research with (not the name of my research, I omitted that) my Airbnb host.  Apparently Airbnb is a community for all, except sex work researchers. 


iBooks rejected the initial version of the Whoretography Magazine citing objectionable content - I thought perhaps I had made an error with the format of the book but was told some of the visual content was deemed to be offensive.