Donate & Support Whoretography

Whoretography is visual activist platform and movement dedicated to shifting the visual landscape of sex worker imagery in order to shift the sex work political landscape.  I am committed to creating a space on the internet for the discussion and understanding of sex worker digital imagery, how photography impacts the daily lives and bodies of sex workers, the way photography is used to challenge sex worker autonomy and self determination and understanding the role photography plays in the online commercial transaction of sex.

If you find my work of value and would like to be a part of this visual movement you can do so by supporting the project though a financial contribution.  Together we can accomplish a shift in the way photography is used to wilfully misunderstand sex workers lives and their bodies.

At the moment, your support is helping me to:

  • Maintain the Whoretography website & social media platforms
  • Attend and speak at academic conferences
  • Travel to speaking engagements and conferences outside of London.
  • Arrange exhibitions and be part of pop up book and art shops in central London
  • Create dummy books by helping me with the materials associated with self publishing photobooks

Any contribution is warmly welcomed and very much appreciated.  You can donate by credit or debit card. if you wish to donate by bank transfer do let me know. I can accept bank transfer in Sterling or Australian Dollars.  If you'd prefer, you can also donate through the Whoretography Go Fund Me page